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How to Watch Rugby in the USA

I have learned that if you really, really like this sport, your best bet is to go out of your way to watch it. When the World Cup was going on, they did play some games on tape-delay on Versus, which was awesome because it means that the next World Cup may get some face time on a bigger network, or at least live.

But I wouldn’t be satisfied with only being able to watch a couple of the USA Eagles matches, and I believe only one of the France matches. So I went the expensive route. I bought Setanta Sports Broadband. Granted, it did cost me $150 to watch the entire World Cup on my laptop, but what was awesome about it is that it was for an entire year. So I do get to see some English Premiership Footie matches, GAA (Gaelic Sport) and of course, RUGBY. They play a lot of international football matches on there too and they will be giving me the Six Nations early next year. It’s really not bad that it costs this much, as it is worth it.

Only thing that blows is that we shouldn’t have to pay for it in the USA. It’s pathetic that we can’t get rugby here without buying Setanta on Dish Network or DirecTV.

If you do buy it online, do note the warning they give you. You can’t give out your password because then if your buddies are watching it on their screen, you can’t see it on yours. And, probably more importantly, once the year is up on your contract, they will automatically recharge you for another year if you don’t say “NO!” So be mindful.

You can also go to Media Zone and buy specific games to watch.

For those who enjoy “Free Viewing” like P2P servers, it is rather hard, if not nearly impossible to get rugby on P2P. I honestly don’t know why, but maybe ruggers don’t like breaking international laws on copyright……..which I find hard to believe. (I’m kidding, we are still better than soccer players.)

Of course, if there are any other ways of doing it, I am all ears. Let me know and I will put it in here.

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