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Rugby Laws Explanation: The Pitch

The Rugby pitch (that’s another word for a field) is 100 meters long from try line to try line. The sidelines are called “touch lines” and you will hear quite a bit through the match if a ball goes past that line, the ball will go “into touch.” So thats where it comes from. Every line on the pitch is designated with flags on each side.

There are two 22-meter lines, where the kick at the beginning of each half takes place, as well as a 10-meter line on each side of the line at midfield.

There is also a five-meter line, which is used for penalties, where a five-meter scrum would take place.

The goalposts are on the try line, which is the near side of the goal area.

The goalposts are three meters from the ground to the crossbar and 3.4 or more from the crossbar to the top of the posts. The goalposts stand 5.6 meters away from one another.

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