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Did I mention how sweet the Heineken Cup is?/ Worcester is a horrible Rugby squad….

Seriously, the Heineken Cup is an absolutely spectacular tournament. Never would I have imagined how fluid the flow of play on the club level is. Before the Rugby World Cup, I had not watched many games below the International level, (all we really are exposed to here in the states) and it seems to me that the play us much better at the club level. This is not at all to say that the International game isn’t as good, it is just not as fluid, unless of course one team is annihilating the other.

I watched Gloucester play Ospreys last week, and I was absolutely floored by the intensity and passion for the game. Why you ask? Well, I have been a soccer fan for my entire life, and I don’t see passion like that on a regular basis in Champions League. Really, the only level that the passion really comes out is during major tournaments, or during friendlies between nations that hate each other. It wasn’t even taunting or anything like that that you see in soccer, it was just a bunch of rugby players being really fired up for the game.

Okay, maybe a little taunting…..but still, isn’t this a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen?

By the way, Gloucester beat Ospreys 26-18.

And oh yeah, I also got to check out the Worcester-Sale Guinness Premiership game. Let me start off by saying Worcester is a sad, sad team. It is a bit of a shame. They have some pretty sweet kits.

Here, look for yourself:

I really dont like Sale’s kits on the other hand, even though they have “L’homme des Cavernes” on their squad:

So, Worcester definitely wins the kit battle, but they lost the game miserably. In their defense, they have gone down in some pretty close games, but they really need to be much, much better to have a shot at staying up. I know it is still early, but to be 19 points behind the leaders this far in is not going to bode well for you.

And since we are talking about Relegation, lets take a quick note on Promotion.

Northampton is TEARING National Division One up. They are up on Doncaster by 11 points and it is looking quite good for the newly-relegated side to get back up to the top.

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