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Rugby Laws Explanation: The 15 Positions on the Pitch

Rugby has 15 positions, which means 30 players on the pitch at one time. This may seem like a lot, but the flow of play in rugby can still be, and usually is quite quick. Rugby positions are split into two categories, Forwards and Backs. The Forwards are the bigger, slower players that make up the scrum, and they do most of the hitting. The Backs are the faster, more athletic players. They do more of the scoring, kicking and passing. It is not unlike American Football in that sense. The forwards are the linemen and the backs are the Quarterback, Wide Receivers and Running Backs. One thing this sport has on American Football is that everyone can touch the ball, and Rugby is better.

Each position has a number from 1-15


1, 3 Loosehead and Tighthead Props. They are at the front row of the scrum on the right and left sides, and they engage with the other team whilst holding the Hooker up.

2 Hooker. Placed in between the Props, they litterally “hook” the ball toward the back of the scrum, so the Scrum Half can get it. This completes the front row.

4, 5 Second Row/Locks. These players litterally “lock” the scrum together. They are usually the tallest players on the team and they do a large part in pushing the scrum. They bind together and put their heads at each side of the Hooker. (I play lock, it’s pretty sweet.)

6,7 Flankers. These two are on the outsides of the Locks. They bind in by grabbing onto the Locks and “sit” next to where the Number 8 is. They usually get first dibs on destroying the other team’s scrum half, so that is always amusing….when they are your Flankers at least.

8 Number 8. Not a complicated name. They close up the back of the scrum. The ball ideally will travel to their legs, where the Scrum Half will grab it.


9 Scrum Half. The Scrum Half is behind the Number 8. He is more or less the “Quarterback.” The Scrum Half will pick the ball up from scrums or rucks and either run with it or pass it to the Fly Half, or others behind him.

10 Fly Half. The Fly Half will either Kick the ball or decide to pass it down the line of backs if need be. He is a crucial part to deciding how the play will go along. They are right behind the Scrum Half.

11, 14 Wings. The Left and Right Wing are not immediately behind the Fly Half, but rather on the edge of each side of the pitch. They will stop any play on the wings from developing, or they will chase on the wings if a ball is kicked.

12,13 Centres. The Inside and Outside Centres descend from where the Fly Half is. They receive the ball when it is passed down the line, and they are litterally the center of defense. The Centres are utility positions, as they need to be well rounded in the game of Rugby.

15 Fullback. This is the last line of defense. The Fullback will prevent all attacks if they can, before the other team can get into the try zone, and they also will clear the ball out. They also will catch deep kicks.

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